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Chelle Dey

Author/Illustrator of "Shenanigans"


Chelle grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and her childhood influences include Garfield, Archie comics, Calvin & Hobbes, and Bloom County.


Chelle earned her master's degree in writing and editing at Portland State University in 2011. Her focus on children's fiction helped further cultivate her love of whimsy and humor.  Her story, Shenanigans, is inspired by her true-life friendship with her best friend. They share a love for animals and they enjoy road trips, hiking, exploring, and most of all, laughing in the face of all of life’s adversities.


After living in Southern California for three years, Chelle has returned to her hometown of Portland, Oregon.  She works in an urban habitat as an Unaccredited Corporate Anthropologist, documenting the behavior of her friends and coworkers for plotline fodder.

Author sips hibiscus tea outside Marino Adriatic Cafe

in Portland, Oregon


Photo courtesy of A Side of Soul Photography

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